MILESTONE® In Health & Nutrition | THE LIFE STANCE



You need human intervention to achieve the authentic, the extraordinary. MILESTONE® reflects a need to slow down life’s pace, to be in harmony with nature, to preserve wildlife farming practices that avoid chemical use at all costs and that support the functional biodiversity on the farm. Supporting wild life agriculture, under smallholder farmer-dominated landscapes, is currently the backbone of global food security in the developing world. Everything is done with accountability and conscious respect for nature, preserving the backbone of our natural eco-system.

These conscious choices form our relation with what we accept as being of ultimate importance. Conscious living will help us reach further. This is a life stance; made OF DREAMS & KNOWLEDGE®.

OF DREAMS & KNOWLEDGE®  is a new company specializing in the production of slow functional foods, natural extracts and natural dietary supplements. All products are produced with certified organic methods and have health claim certificates.