• New Clinical Studies May 2018
    First clinical studies with high phenolic olive oil were announced by scientists from the University of Athens and the World Olive Center for Health (WOCH) during the Olympia Health & Nutrition Awards 2018
    The first strong evidence of the therapeutic properties of high phenolic olive oil in oncology patients and in patients with mild cognitive decline (precursor stage of Alzheimer's disease) were unveiled. http://worldolivecenter.com/
  • MILESTONE® – Slow Organic Holistic

    Supporting wild life farming is currently the backbone of global food security in the developing world

  • MILESTONE® – Based on clinical research
    Clinical Research:
    • reduces LDL cholosterol
    • protection from type 2 diabetes
    • highly antioxidant
    • anti-inflammatory
    • with cardioprotective action
    • reduces hypertension
    Preliminary Studies:
    • antiatherosclerotic
    • improves digestive function
    • improves cognitive function (Alzheimer Disease)
  • MILESTONE® – Technology
    Produced with slow technological practices, certified organic cold extracted under zero oxygen conditions
  • MILESTONE® Olive Oil Nutraceutical Series

    Now available in Pharmacies

    • One of the most antioxidant organic olive oils in the world
    • EU Reg 432/2012/Health Claim
    • Protects the blood lipids from oxidative stress
    • The Gold Standard of Excellence 2016
    • Silver Medal London Health Claim Contest 2017
    • The Silver Standard of Excellence 2017
  • MILESTONE® in Pharmacies 2018