• MILESTONE® BIO Pomegranate Extract
    Product Specification: >3000mg/kg Polyphenols; >7000mg/kg Potassium; >7000mg/kg Calcium; >150mg/kg Iron  
  • MILESTONE® – Slow Organic Holistic

    Supporting wild life farming is currently the backbone of global food security in the developing world

  • MILESTONE® – Based on clinical research
    Clinical Research:
    • reduces LDL cholosterol
    • protection from type 2 diabetes
    • highly antioxidant
    • anti-inflammatory
    • with cardioprotective action
    • reduces hypertension
    Preliminary Studies:
    • antiatherosclerotic
    • improves digestive function
    • improves cognitive function (Alzheimer Disease)
  • MILESTONE® – New product
    Product Specification: >3000mg/kg Polyphenols; >7000mg/kg Potassium; >7000mg/kg Calcium; >150mg/kg Iron.
  • MILESTONE® Olive Oil Nutraceutical Series

    Now available in Pharmacies

    • One of the most antioxidant organic olive oils in the world
    • EU Reg 432/2012/Health Claim
    • Protects the blood lipids from oxidative stress
    • The Gold Standard of Excellence 2016
    • Silver Medal London Health Claim Contest 2017
    • The Silver Standard of Excellence 2017
  • MILESTONE® in Pharmacies 2018